Survey question- what area do you plan to work in after graduation?

  1. I am curious as to which areas other students are planning to work in after graduation. I still have a year left (and thus a LOT of areas that I haven't even touched upon) in my program, but would still like to know what you guys are leaning towards. Thanks for your input!!!
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  3. by   angelaADSN
    Hi Shannon! I have a friend who is in my nursing program who is moving to Russelville. She is going into her 3rd level too so maybe she will be in your class. I have a year left too and go to Phillips College in Helena. I live in Clarksdale, Mississippi. I think I will either stay here or go to Memphis. Good Luck!

  4. by   ltm
    i just graduated May 2000 and i am going to work in Labor and Delivery. I got my license and am about to start orientation for my new job. L&D is my heart and i am sure it is the area i will work in for a really long time, if not the remainder of my career. it is a very fulfilling area of nursing, and i knew from day one that it was what i wanted to do. if i had to do something else it would either be ICU or OR nursing. hey but you have a year to decide and just think nursing is so full of possibilities that you can do almost anything that you desire. best of luck during your final year and i am sure that you will find your niche in nursing.
  5. by   Lphillips
    Hi Shannon! I am a junior nursing student at MCG and have always wanted to specialize in labor and delivery because I enjoy the happiness that comes along with it. The main thing I would suggests is that you work with the age group patients that are most interesting to you. The miracle of life is very special to me and is why I have chosen LandD. Geriatrics is by far not me because it makes me very sad. It all depends on what you want to be around and what interest you. Goodluck in your decision! Leslie
  6. by   karesee
    Hey Shannon. I am also a junior nursing student at MCG. Before I came to school here I knew I wanted to work in NICU. However, I found that there are so many options available to me. I don't want to limit myself just yet. I am still leaning toward NICU, but we just started clinicals so I am going to see what I enjoy the most. Next summer I will try to get a job as a PCA in the area I think I will like the best and see how it goes. I'm really excited!

  7. by   mp702
    I am also a Junior nursing student at MCG. I want to work in NICU. I love babies and want more than anything to be able to help them. They are so dependent on you and trust you completely. I just feel like it is an area where I can really make a difference. I am trying to get a student nursing job now to try some other areas out, but I am pretty sure that the NICU is where I really want to be.
  8. by   firegirl_27
    I'm a nursing student at NWCC in Senatobia. I'm in my last semester in the RN program there. I haven't made it to my critical care rotation yet, but I plan to work in that area when I graduate. My job working in the ventilator care unit as made me realize how much I like working with people that need more intensive care.
  9. by   SKotze
    I am a junior nursing student at Medical College of Georgia and just recently started my clinicals. I really had my mind set on either Labor and Delivery or Pediactrics, however since I've started working and volunterring in other areas the possibilies became endless. I would definitely keep an open mind about it because there will be that one area that you never thought about, that you feel touch you in a special way. Good luck in your decision.
  10. by   msbrown
    Originally posted by ShannonB25:
    I am curious as to which areas other students are planning to work in after graduation. I still have a year left (and thus a LOT of areas that I haven't even touched upon) in my program, but would still like to know what you guys are leaning towards. Thanks for your input!!!
    Hi, I am a junior at MCG nursing and I have noticed a trend. It appears that alot of my class associates are interested in going into Labor and Delivery and Pediatrics or something more directed at the care of newborns, infants, and children (peds). I myself have alwys been interested in anesthesia. But I was told that, that program is very hard, but I intend of giving it a try. If not anesthesia I would also enjoy doing some form of psychiatric nursing.
  11. by   PINKYE1
    Smart move guys, thinking ahead. Take some advice from this weathered RN and do 1 year of general nursing- Med surg so you can get your base and foundation set. YOU NEED TO SEE HOW IT COMES TOGETHER FIRST, then branch off into your areas of interest. The clinicals allowed you to get your feet wet, but you need to get a little hands on and hands in. I'm not a recruiter or anything, but please also consider Correctional Nursing. It's one of nursing's best kept secret. Good luck to you all, and welcome to the ranks. Feel free to e-mail me at PINKYE11@AOL.COM. Bye!!!!
  12. by   lisarn01
    Hi Shannon.....I am in my final year and graduate April 2001!!!!!! I live in Canada and will definitely be working in L&D. I am seriously considering to relocate to Florida when I finish and would love to hear from anyone who has made the move from Canada to Florida!!!!!!!!!! Lisa
  13. by   Rileycat
    I am in my last semester of nursing school and I still have no clue as to what area of nursing I wish to pursue. I am hoping I will have more of an idea when I finish all of my clinicals. The way I see it, I don't need to make a decision right away. The hospital I work at now requires six months of med-surg and six months of telemetry before going to the floor of my choice.

    When I can afford to further my education (in other words, when the hospital pays for it)I would like to specialize. Maybe I'll become a midwife or a nurse practioner, but at this moment the thought of all that schooling makes me want to cry! I'm just going to finish this semester, pass boards, and take things one day at a time. I'll find my place eventually.
  14. by   mzjennifer
    Originally posted by ShannonB25:
    [B]I am curious as to which areas other students are planning to work in after graduation. B]
    I've already secured a GN position in L&D for May 2001 (graduation time). I currently work as a student nurse extern/birthplace technician, on the maternity floor. I was surprised that they are hiring me right off after graduation to start in L&D! But I'm not complaining!! Many other hospitals still want you to have at least 1 year of med/surg before going into L&D. Personally, I want to just jump right in to where I've always wanted to be...for as far back as I can remember, I've wanted to do OB nursing.

    I plan on furthering my education, getting my BSN and finally my MSN in Midwifery, and become a CNM. My true lifelong dream!!