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I am curious as to which areas other students are planning to work in after graduation. I still have a year left (and thus a LOT of areas that I haven't even touched upon) in my program, but would... Read More

  1. by   khoward172
    Hi everyone...I will graduate in May 2001 from FIU in Miami, FL. I plan to do my practicum in NICU and hopefully get hired in this area. I know everyone says you need med-surg experience. I believe it is valuable, but the babies are who I love. Wish me luck! Kristi
  2. by   janine3&5
    Hi all! I'll graduate in May (YAY!) I was thinking about going right into critical care, but now have decided to stay in med-surg on a PCU team for a while. I don't feel ready to specialize yet-our nursing program here in florida only gives us one 8 hour shift/week for clinical all through school--not a whole lot of time. How much clinical time does everyone else get? I work on a med-surg floor as a paid intern and that has been incredible-most of the RNs are so great about letting me practice my skills and answering question after question after...But anyway, I posted a question on the general discussion board about specializing right out of school (new nurses in the ICU) and got back so many great responses from all the nurses out there. A lot of the info I got is what they don't tell you in school--reading it may help lessen some of the reality shock we're all going to face when we get out there. Good luck!
  3. by   fergus51
    8 HOURS A WEEK??!!! That is absolutely ridiculous. If you're still not confident in your ability to specialize how must the students without extern jobs feel? When I went to school it was 2 days a week in clinical plus a certain number of practicums in the year which were full time (36-48 hours a week for a month or more) and I still didn't feel ready. I can only imagine how your classmates feel. I think that almost every nursing student should have more clinical time. I sometimes felt like my instuctors cared more about papers and reports than they did about preparing me to work.
  4. by   EMT_125
    Just starting school. Already work as a NA and EMT. Want to work at a Level 1 Trauma center in the ER. Second choice is CCU. Reality choice is whatever I can get hired at to get some experience.

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  5. by   RN2B7-01
    I graduate in July and plan to work in med-surg for one year then move to ICU, all of the nursing instructors etc. really stress getting at least 1 yr of med surg before going into critical care.
  6. by   res04lly
    I am doing a distance program since i am an LPN already- I have to have my ADN to return to Mental Health system. The LPN's are not used anymore except for direct care and i would like to do case managing, I've also thought about maybe starting a nursing agency for staff relief still not sure about this yet just depends what all is involved. Good Luck in finding your spot
  7. by   essarge
    Hey all!

    I plan on getting into emergency medicine first (need at least one year)and then looking into a nurse anesthetist program....hey! what's one more year of school?
  8. by   NurseStudentFall01
    I'm also interested in L&D. I guess it's a popular choice! I'm keeping my mind open though and I haven't even started clinicals yet, so who knows what I'll find!
  9. by   redridnghud
    Hi Shannon! I Graduate May 10 ,2001. Finally..I am so excited. All the hard work and log hours are paying off! I have been offered a job in an Emergency Department..also in a NICU. I think I will do E.R. for a year or more then check out NICU. Stay focused..and good luck!