1. Hi All!!
    I have been out of nursing school since April '00 and have passed boards and been working in an ICU for almost 4 months now. I just want everyone to know if you need someone to write and talk to to help get ya through nursing school you have me pulling for you. I still remember what it was like and the horrors! Best of luck to everyone!
    Kimberly Rush, RN
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  3. by   mamy
    Boy is it nice to hear that you can make it through school. I am in my last year and it is getting long and hard. Right now I am in Med/Surg II and Psych. and boy I am getting sick of school right now! Well just wanted to say thanks for the encouraging word.
  4. by   KR
    You are welcome! Trust me once you finally finish school it will be the best thing in the world! What kept me going my last year was just picturing graduation and what I wanted to do when I was done. Now that I am doing what I want to do, it is very sweet and definitely worth it all. Best of luck. You guys can do it Kim