1. How is everyone feeling after finals? Does anyone have grand plans for the summer? To all you new students, how was your first semester in school? Did it meet your expectations? What did you like and what was the most frustrating?

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  3. by   Suey
    It is great that they are over with, but now it's back to the real world of nursing school!
    My only plans are that I am taking 8 credit hours of summer school right now and working!
    I will get to relax for a month and a half before returning for the fall semester.
    This past year was my sophomore year, so I am half way there. The year was really hard and I know it will only get worse!
    But, I know I can do it, and I will!
    Hope everyone's summer is going well, and good luck in the following school year.
  4. by   jenny lynn
    Hey Tracy. I'm really new to this bulletin board thing, so be patient. I'm replying to your summer note. I actually just took my last final and will graduate this friday (28th) with my RN. I went to a 3 year associates program (which really takes 5 years minimun). This summer I need to find a job!! I've put out 4 resumes so far and have had 2 interviews. My delema (please forgive my spelling- I am burnt out on school and proper spelling right now) is choosing the right job. I could take a LVN job that pays good and with benifits in an ER (with the intent to move up to RN when a position opens). OR.... I could accept a position in a new graduate program as an RN in an ICU that pays crummy and with no benifits. So the delima is.... which should I take?? I can only do one. Of course I'd rather work as an RN and get that kind of experience , but I'd also love to get my foot in the door of this other hospital. Well, anyway enough about that. What stage in school are you anyway? please respond.
  5. by   Tracy
    I have one semester left in a 4 year BSN program. The advice I have recieved is to do what you want to do. If you want to be an ICU nurse then take that job and the same for the ED.
  6. by   KR
    As of the end of April I am done with year one of two in my 2 yr ASN program. I survivied and my spirits are still intact so I consider that to be a bonus! This summer I am busy working 2 jobs, one of them being in the MCICU at a local hospital. I tried to get into the ER but they did not have any positions open. My dream is to work in the ER and then become a flight nurse. But I figure I could work in the ICU if I cannot find an ER that will hire new grads with a good training program. I am a lil worried about year number two, just cause last semester was really hard and they said next year is ten times worse. But I just think about graduation date of April 30th in my head. Good luck to all and feel free to email me
  7. by   NYMfan
    Hey all.. i'm pretty new to this bulliten board, but i'm entering my senior year (which has been 6 years coming) in less than a month. I'm entirely excited to be graduting in 278 days, but scared as well.

    I have a 7 week psych rotation coming up. I can use all the nursing support i can get. We should have a support group.