Stupid Question !!

  1. Okay This may sound stupid but I have read a lot about the NCLEX on the boards. I'm wondering does the computer stop you once you've passed or what. Some people say " oh It stopped after 78 ?'s " and then another person said " well it stopped after 115 ?'s " so I'm very confused and lost !!

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  3. by   LauraLou
    The computer will stop after 75 questions if you have already passed or failed. If not, then it continues to give you more questions until you have either passed or failed.

    They have some sort of complex formula that determines pass and fail and you have to have a certain percentage of questions right or wrong for the formula to work. That's why some people get 75 questions and some get 147.
  4. by   canoehead
    No such thing as a stupid question.
  5. by   Rnin'
    Thanks I finally understand !!
  6. by   rnnurse2be
    I love "stupid" questions....... :roll
    I also believe there are no stupid queations...
    Although, I have heard some stupid answers before, LOL LOL
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    Originally posted by canoehead
    No such thing as a stupid question.
    You haven't met my son. :roll He is the king of stupid questions and believe me there are stupid questions, lol, but that isn't one of them.