Students Vs Qualified Staff when will it change?

  1. Hi

    Thought i'd just get this off my chest...
    I sat in a lecture at a different University the other day where it was assumed everyone was qualified and there were no students. The negative language of the people there filled me with despair. They were less than welcoming in what they had to say. Worst of all it was the tutor who made the most derogatory comments. When i challenged her about it she modified it by saying it was just "some" students she was talking about.

    Now i know we all think, "when i'm qualified it will be different and i won't treat students like i've been treated...." but can i just ask folks that we really do remember these days now and learn from them and not repeat this cycle.

    Well that is it really, feel better now i've moaned to someone.

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  3. by   snickers
    What a sad comment ..and educators at that!
    Every single nurse was a student in the beginning. I realize it's difficult to mentor in these time of cutbacks and fiscal restraint. In British Columbia(Canada), we have only a small number of people even entering nursing anymore.Out of 26000 nurses in B.C...only 400 are under the age of 25!!!
    Hang in there kid!!
  4. by   markbeer

    Cheers for your words of encouragement.I'm sure i'll hang in there as i only have about 6 weeks to do now.

    Cheers Mark
  5. by   nursedawn67
    I have to agree that the nurses that work on the floors, that student nurses do their clinicals on, need to remember that they too had been there. They need to encourage not "scare off". One of my clinical days I worked with a nurse that decided that I needed to do some "aide" work. She assigned me all of the baths, and in fact commented that I could do all the baths of those who couldn't help a bit with themselves. Some of the nurses I was assigned to "follow/observe" treated me more like a nuisance then a future colleague. But that's not to say that all nurse/mentors were bad, I dealt with some nurses while in school that made a point of finding me every hands on or observing oportunity available. And my clinical instructor stood up for us, if we got a hard time from a floor nurse, then our instructor went to the floor manager/supervisor and told them of the problem with the floor nurse.

    Well you know the saying, "don't burn your bridges", these nurses that give the students hard times need to remember that one day these student nurses may be their coworkers or bosses.

    anyhow good luck in school!