Students loan and going back to school

  1. I was wanting ot know if anyone has went to school and have student loans to pay back but then decided to go back to school was you able to get another loan or how did that go I have a loan that has been deferred but I am about to go back to school and was trying to see if I would still be able to get another loan?
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  3. by   Resolute00
    You can get up to 53k in undergrad loans and think up to 100k for grad. Go to FASA or Stafford loan or your current lender to find the exact amount. Once you start school, if you're taking at least 6 credits (half time) your loans will be deferred until you graduate or stop attending. I'm not sure if they will start after 3 to 6 months. Some schools automatically sends the info to your lender to get them deferred.