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Hi to all you nurses 2b. I am a 40 yr.old LPN student with two kids left at home. It has been an adventure going back to school and I have no time for a "life" so please come on this journey with me... Read More

  1. by   Julie, RN
    "SNURSE-L is an open, friendly, unmoderated, global electronic conference
    area for nursing students. This conference is open to anyone who would
    like to participate. We are a community, a warm virtual room filled with
    nursing students from around the world. We discuss nursing issues, student
    issues, electronic databases and libraries useful to nursing students,
    National Student Nursing Association issues and events, and generally
    strive to improve communication between nursing students."
  2. by   BRENDA s.e.n
    Hi out there, I am currently doing my enrolled nurse training and complete it in Oct, 2000 and will be pleased when I do. I am really enjoying the course, although I could live without the exams!!!! It has been a long time since I was at school (1978) so it was a shock to go back to study and just sitting but as nursing is the only thing I have ever wanted to do, it has been worth it. I can't wait till I'm trained!!!!!