Student Nurse-Help on IV Therapy math

  1. Hi, my name is Nina, and I am a new RN student, I have a math problem, I have tried for days to solve, and I got the answer, but I can't seem to find how to arrive and the answer, if anyone knows please let me know!

    *A pt is to receive 500 ml of 0.45%NSS w/ 20 mEq of KCL to run over 8 hrs. The drop factor is 20gtt/ml. The nurse would give _____ml/h. The answer is 83ml/h, but I don't get that. Can anyone help me
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  3. by   Tracy
    Hi Nina,
    I do not get 83/hr either.
    If you are figuring it to the hour then it would be on an infusion pump.
    the problem would be:

    If it is on a gravity flow then the problem would be:
    500 cc(20 gtts) / 480 min = 20.83

    Contradulations on being acctpted into nursing school.

  4. by   kipi
    Hi Nina

    The only way to get 83 mls/hr is 1000mls over 12 hours. The correct answer is definitely 62.5 mls an hour. The only way to get 83mls/hr is to give over 6 hours. The question is wrong.
    You should find out who wrote the paper and get them to correct it
  5. by   lwp
    Hi Nina,
    They are right. I did not 83mL/hr either.

    The correct answer should be 62.5mL/hr.

    500mL/8hr= 62.5mL/hr. During my IV therapy

    math class, I found mistakes with the

    problems and answers all the time. Just go

    ask your instructor, she will be glad to
  6. by   Alexandra
    So the problem is to give 62.5 ml pr hour
    Divided by 20(drip factor)= 3 per hour
    or 3*8=(24*20)=480 its going to be one slow I.V. could your answer maybe mean 8hrs=3 and
    not 83 ?