student nurse error

  1. has anyone ever stuck a patient for lab draw twice with the same needle in the clinical setting ? i know its wrong but i felt coherced into the Rn that was in the roomwith me ..i take full responsibility for my errorr
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  3. by   direw0lf
    No, but I have seen it done though. It's hard/intimidating to go against someone "above" you but you need to learn how to do it because you'll see a lot of this. You can politely say "My instructor taught us that we need to get a new needle" and just do it how you know it should be done. When I had an interview for an RN position, the interviewer asked me a scenario if I saw my preceptor not charting medication correctly what would I do. It would be my responsibility to speak up to her even though she'd be my preceptor, someone with much more experience and knowledge than me.