Student Nsg need of desparate advice.

  1. i'm an LVN student graduating soon and i finally found where i would like to work, surgery/or. i love that place! my goal is to get my RN to be a circulating nsg that is my long term goal. My problem now is how can I get my foot in the door. I have heard many nurses say that OR don't hire LVNs it's mostly scrub tech and of course RN's. On the other hand some nurses told me that some hospitals do hire LVN's and they have a program that will train an LVN in the OR (?where are they?how can i found out? i live in SO.Cali)and another thing majority of the nurses that i have spoken to strongly suggest to have some floor experience first before getting in there @ least 6mos to a year==>problem no offense to anyone but i don't like the floor. from my own clinical experience i've noticed a big difference between fellow nurse relationships and doctor nsg relationship on the floor and on the OR/Surg. I would really like to get in the OR with only entry level LVN on my hand someone tell me that's possible.=)LOL What are my other alternatives?? take the long way? (floor experience)or the short way?(find a hosp that will hire an LVN in OR) note i'm going to get my RN eventually. Please someone help! =)
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    I don;t know about California, but in NC, lots of OR's hire LPN's to work as scrub tech's. From what I understand you wouldn't work as a circulator only as a scrub tech. But it is definitely a start. OR is a specialty that has been hard hit by the nursing shortage, and now many hospitals are offering training to floor nurses and new grads whp show interest and decent grades (etc.) Easiest way to find out about this is to call your local hospitals recruiter and ask if they have an OR program. Worst they can say is no. Good Luck.
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    thanks hollykate