1. How do new nurses deal with stress without givign up? How did you deal with stress on your first job? I quit!
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  3. by   mn nurse
    Could you be a little more specific? How long have you been a nurse? Where do you work? What, specifically, has you stressed?

    In my experience, most of my stress on the job has come from expecting perfection of myself and being frustrated when I'm not able to meet that expectation. Of course, it's not a realistic expectation... I bet you're expecting more of yourself than your knowlege and experience allows you to give at this point in your career. Talk with your manager or Team Leader to see how they view your performance. There's a good chance you're doing better than you think you are.

    Educate yourself at every opportunity. Read journals, go to seminars, make yourself available to observe unfamiliar procedures, and pick the brains of your more experienced coworkers. Ask for help when you need it. Your first job is really just an extension of your education. Give yourself the time to gain the knowledge and experience you need to get more comfortable with what you're doing.

    Also - do just what you learned about stress management in Nursing school. Eat right, get enough rest and exercise, participate in outside interests you find relaxing or self-affirming.

    Nursing IS stressful! If you ever get to the point where you DON'T feel stressed, you're probably not doing it right! Hang in there, though, and it will become more manageable!