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  1. :stone Hello, my name is chary, I am new to this board. I currently began this semester full-time I take A&P I, Chemistry, Algebra and Comp II. I have 3 children ages 12, and 10,10 Twins and a husband. I am really not doing so hot in 3 classes. I stay up very late and sometimes into the early morning trying to study for my subjects. For some reason I understand the material at home but when I get to school to take a test, I bomb. I am very tired and feel like quiting. My dream is to become a R.N. and continue advancing to become a Nurse practioner. But for some reason I am discouraged becasue I feel that I can't or will not make it. I am in my early 30's and go to school with much younger people and it does not bother them if they get a low score. Before I went to school full-time I was partime and had a GPA of 3.50 Now after this semester I don't know what the heck it is going to be!! I could sure use some advice from anybody on how to pick yourself up when you get bent out of shape and don't think you are going to make it??

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