Starting Classes In January-What Should I Read Up on Now??

  1. Dear Dawn,
    I highly recommend that you read Curious George, or Harry Potter- etc with your daughters. You seem nervous about school, but you will probably do (as I said before ) quite well. Take the time while you have it to spend some time with your childrne- school will eat away at that time, and though you will still be able to Make time, it won't be the same- You could- depending on your daughters ages- get the A & P coloring book- it is a great way (for adults) to learn muscles/bones etc. and use that with the kids- depending on the ages. I know you want to charge in- I did too- but take the time before Jan and bake some cookies and really spend some wonderfult ime with the kids! Good Luck!
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  3. by   USA987

    I agree 100% with what the previous post said. Enjoy your time with your kids. I am 28 with 2 daughters, ages 5 & 3. I just completed an 11 month LPN program and I am now going full-time for my RN. The A&P coloring book may come in handy and I recommend reviewing prefixes and suffixes (like "a-" meaning absence, etc.).
    Best wishes to you!

  4. by   dawnreeves
    Hi Fellow Students,

    I am a 36yo mom of two starting my core classes for my ADN this January. Because of my other obligations and the fact that I haven't been in college since 1984, I'd really like to start some reading and studying now. In January I'm taking Anatomy & Physiology I along with some other courses
    the Nursing program requires before Nursing classes start. Any online studying or books you could/would reccommend I jumpstart on?

    Any help greatly appreciated.