St. Vincent's College

  1. Is anyone else attending or will be attending St. Vincent's College in Connecticut in the fall? If so, please reply! Thanks again!
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  3. by   CherryPez15
    Hi Teresa!

    I'm going to St. V's this fall too! I just finished up the last of my pre-req's there this spring. I can't wait to start the nursing part of school this fall.
    Drop me a line here or e-mail me if you want to chat--
  4. by   teresab_2000
    Hi Cristine! I would be glad to email you, but I don't have your email address. If you want you can email me at or you can instant message me on aol(my screename is sweetypie421925. Talk to ya soon.

    P.S. I will also be starting the nursing portion this fall because they put me right into the major.
  5. by   CherryPez15
    Hi Teresa,

    Not sure how often you check your mail, but I dropped a note in your mailbox.

  6. by   SchmalRN
    I just have to pop in and say Best wishes to all of you going to St.V's. I graduated from St.V's in 1986 when it was St.Vincents Medical Center School of Nursing. It was a 3 yr diploma program then. I lived in the dorm which I have heard is not there anymore. I have been been an RN for 15 years work in Philadelphia in a Pediatric ICU. I don't regret any of my time spent at ST.V's... met 3 of my best friends there...2 of them are Godmothers to 2 of my children. Some of my fellow grads work in the ICU. Reading your posts brought back great memories for me...I wish you all the best!
  7. by   CherryPez15
    Hi SchmalRN,

    It was nice to hear from someone else who went to St. V's. And you're right, they don't have the 3 yr diploma prgm anymore. Instead, they have a 2 yr ADN with the option to bridge over to a BSN through Sacred Heart Univ. They're also doing some huge renovations, adding a 60,000 sq ft to the hospital itself.
    I'm starting a new job soon as a Unit Clerk/MST at a local hosp to get some real "hospital experience". I figured by working in a hospital I'd be more comfortable when it came time for clinicals, plus, I might actually learn someting (=

  8. by   teresab_2000
    Hi Cristine,

    Sorry I didn't get back to your email. I saw your post and i just wanted to know what hospital you are going to be working at. i applied for jobs at st.v's and at milford hospital. I was just wondering if you had any prior experience that got you the job as a unit clerk? I have wantd a job as a unit clerk forever!!! I need experience! Thx
  9. by   CherryPez15
    Hi Teresa,

    I'll be working at Griffin on a med-surg floor & occasionally floating. Nope, I've never had any Unit Clerk/MST experience, but I've worked in dr's offices & as a nurse's aide. They have job postings on their website if you want to take a look: It's a small hospital & everyone I've met so far has been very friendly. If you need any more info, just let me know,