Seniors....venting about preceptorship placement

  1. OK, I didn't get the placement I wanted for my preceptorship this fall. Which is fine, I knew it was a long shot and the instructor doing the placements had told me to think carefully about my 2nd and 3rd choices since those would probably be where I wound up.

    Well, she emailed me this week (while I was out of town for a funeral) and told me that I would either have to take some piecemeal mostly med-surg thing she dreamt up or something else in med-surg She said I can't have my second choice (OB) because there weren't any slots left....this coming from the same person that said that if more people requested OB than the number of positions available, it would go by grades. And I got one of 3 A's in the course.

    I hate to be a downer on med-surg, because I respect anyone who can work in those conditions, but I recently quit my job at a hospital because I absolutely cannot take it. I am PG and they were always giving me c^$p about not being able to lift, or take chemo patients, or take really annoying (ie potentially violent) patients.
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  3. by   PJMommy
    How long is your preceptorship?
  4. by   NurseDixie
    We don't have a preceptorship, we just have regular clinicals. This fall I'll have Peds>>OB>>Mental Health--all in the last semester.
    Too bad they give you a hard time about your pregnancy. Good luck.