Sealy human AP book anyone using it

  1. I am not sure I am spelling sealy right. I was told today that we would be using this book for AP. $190. with lab bk, & CD's. Was just wondering if anyone else is using it & if you found it at a cheaper price
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  3. by   Momto2monsters
    We used Hole's Human Anatomy and Physiology. At $112 for the text book and $118 for the labbook. When I sold my book back a got a big ol' $56 and of course couldn't sell my lab book because it is a consumable. Very frustrating! Oh, and of course I could only use this book one semester because I had A & P 1 several years ago.
    Melissa in Alabama
  4. by   StudentSandra
    We used Hole's as well, but at least I used mine for 2 semesters. I also kept it for a reference in nursing.

    Lisa, get the ISPN's from the back of the books and look them up at this site. You can even do a comparison including S&H.
  5. by   Lisa1970
    I bought Holes, workbook, book, & disks, but they said they are using this new book Sealy, also comes with wb & disks. Going to keep the holes though. An execellent reference book I think