1. I graduated from Cornell University in 1998 with a BA in Biopsychology. I then spent one year working in a hospital in the Physical Therapy Department. Working there helped me realize what i really want to do in life...NURSING. I plan on applying to Master's Programs for the academic year of 2001 and was wondering if you had any information regarding salaries for nurses with a masters degree.
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  3. by   ShannonB25
    If you are still interested, check out the site at It provides good information for various jobs (including NP's, RNA's, etc) and even breaks it down into geographic specifics. Good luck!
  4. by   ltm
    question: do you already have a BS in nursing? because if you do not, you have to get one before you can pursue a masters degree in nursing. you have to have either an adn or a bsn degree to become a RN, which is required to start a masters program. so basically it will take you two years for the BS or AD in nursing and then two more years if you want a masters degree in nursing. Masters prepared nurses usually don't work on the floor unless they are clinical coordinators. best of luck in your career path and i hope this was helpful. by the way i am a may 2000 graduate of a BSN program that is waiting for my results from the nclex (nursing licensure exam).
  5. by   jama
    it might depend on where you go to college. Where i live if anyone has a college degree they can apply for masters in nursing. Even when i graduated with bsn 12 years ago there were people working on masters degree with no nursing background.
  6. by   tblumer
    Most Masters nursing programs that I know of require a BSN. That is what makes them so well prepared for the world of nursing. The masters program is building a greater nursing knowledge for you to practice nursing. How can you do this if you don't have a nursing degree before hand. Also Most of the places I know of require experience somewhere (depending on what specialty) for at leat one full year.
  7. by   biscuit
    I just looked into a nursing program during lunch.Such extensive courses.If I work full time what courses should I take after my pre-req's