1. How usefull are the (RNotes Nurses clinical pocket guide) This is optional material for us. I didnt want to spend the 28.00 unless I would use them.
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  3. by   Rhoresmith
    I bought these at the local malls book store for 20.00. I don't have to have it for my classes but I spoke with a couple of students that just finished and they swear by them.

  4. by   det01
    I also got them at a bookstore for 20

    The info is useful to have on hand - I even know of some nurses who still keep their's with them when working!
  5. by   nrselisa
    It wasn't req. for school. I bought mine for work. I love it!
  6. by   NurseDixie
    I bought mine to keep with me at clinicals. You can write your pt v/s,etc. in ink and wipe it off with an alcohol pad. Very handy. It's not required, but I sure used it a lot last semester.
  7. by   Jen2
    It is actually required for my program.