RN to BSN - Online vs. Traditional

  1. I am considering going into a diploma program to become an RN. I know that I will not stop there. I love to have lots of depth in my field (I already have a Master's in another field).

    My question is this: I keep hearing about RN to BSN programs. And of course I hear of the online programs offered by so many schools (AIU, Univ. of Phoenix, etc). What are your opinions about online programs compared to on campus ones for obtaining a BSN from RN? Aren't there additional clinicals that must be completed? I guess I'm not to knowledgeable about nursing education.

    Oh yes, no doubt I would plan on getting my MSN too (and possibly a doctorate - more questions on that in another thread!).

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  3. by   EricJRN
    While getting the RN via distance learning is still somewhat controversial (although I didn't have problems with it), online RN-to-BSN programs seem to be much more widely accepted.

    Many online RN-to BSN programs have clinicals or some sort of precepted experience/socialization project, some do not. Graduates of online RN-to-BSN programs do regularly go on to graduate school.