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  1. Hello to everyone out there!
    I am now on break, but I will be a sophomore first semester in a ASN program. I was wondering if anyone would like to be email buddies. It is always nice to talk to people that are going through the same thing as you are. Serveral people have emailed me in the past, but I lost their addies because my email server went down. Feel free to write me at kdrst13+@pitt.edu. I will answer all letters. Thank you very much. Kimberly Rush

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  3. by   ALIJONE
    I would really enjoy having an e-mail buddy. My name is Ali. I am in my last semester of a BSN program. I am really starting to get excited about the prospect of graduation. I love nursing and would enjoy having someone to communicate with that also loves it.
  4. by   KR
    Hiya I would love to email back and forth. I did not see your email address included. Mine is kdrst13+@pitt.edu. If you write me, I will write back within a day or two at msot. Good luck in school.
    Kimberly Rush, EMT-B, SN
  5. by   Rebekah
    Hi! Sounds like you're in the same place I am. I am also a second semester freshman ADN student. Are ya having fun yet!?!? My email address is rlindbloom@usa.net if you'd like to exchange good days/horror stories.... some days I really would like someone to talk to!
    By the way, how many years have you been an EMT-B? I will finish my training course next month to get my B... later!
  6. by   Strawberryfairy
    Hi, I would love to have an email buddy. I am in the final semester of an ADN program. It's nice to be able to talk ( or vent) to someone who is going through the same kinds of issues.
  7. by   TNfutureRN
    What a great idea...e-mail buddies!!! My name is Tina, and I am a junior in a BSN program in Chatt., TN. We are in our Psych, Community Health, & Gerentology rotations and life is good!! Here is my e-mail address: ystsmith@hotmail.com. I would love to correspond with anyone who wants to be a buddy.
  8. by   Christiane
    I'm not in nursing school but hoping to go eventually. I am still working on my undergrad work. It would be really great though if anyone in nursing school now could let me know what it is like. How hard? Is it fun? How much work? What were the requirements to get in? etc.. Any info would be great! Thanks!!
  9. by   Linda1
    Hello, I'm also a "returning student" who would be interested in an email buddy who is somewhere in the same situation as I am. I will begin my ADN program in August 99. Just finishing up my prereqs. I am 43 and have a son graduating high school this year. I love school and look forward to beginning nursing. Anyone want to compare notes or stories......let me know!
  10. by   DrizztRN
    This sounds like a great idea. We all need all the extra support we can get, no matter where it comes from. I am in an ADN program and becuaes of a course failure during my first semester I got set back a whole year since my school only offers certain courses at certain times of the year. Being a fatalist, I believe that everything happens for a reason and so it goes. I am 43 and one of the few males enrolled in my school's ADN program. I would be interested in sharing problems, good/bad days, etc. with anyone who would like to correspond. My e-mail is
    drizztrn@earthlink.net. I am scheduled to graduate in May 2001.
  11. by   BRITISH R.N.
    I'm probably too old to be any new nurses buddy, being qualified 22 years but I just want to say how refreshing it is to hear some young, enthusiastic soon-to-be nurses on the net. It's lovely to hear because it's what nursing needs, new recruits who aren't jaded and care-worn. If any of you would like to hear from an experienced British nurse, perhaps about a different nursing culture feel free to e-mail me.
    Keep up the good work girls and boys, nursing can really be the greatest career.

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  12. by   CEN35
    It's nice to see that so many of you, want to support each other and discuss things. After everyone looks back at it, you will say oh, it was nothing. Just remember when everyone is done and finished, to treat all equally and not quarrel with other units or nurses. Last but not least, do not judge someone by their degree. I have seen terrible ASN, ADN, BSN, MSN's, and have seen great diploma program, LPN,'s, ADN, ASN, BSN, and MSN's. The bottom line is that the degree doesn't tell the whole story. Ever have any questions, give me a jingle, or leave a post on this thread.

  13. by   kim,sn./psu
    I am returing to school and with studies and family obligations I am scared silly.I would love to have an e mail buddy to share thoughts, feelings and questions with.
  14. by   Tracy
    Hi Kim,
    I am In my last semester in a BSN program. I have a family also (5 kids). It was a bit over whelming in the beginning. I learned to adjust and focus on my kids and school. I needed to adjust my thinking abgout grades, to get into this school I needed "A's" in the prereques, to "B'S" are just fine. Nursing school is a lot of hard work and discipline but you will also meet a lot of quality people.