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Hello to everyone out there! I am now on break, but I will be a sophomore first semester in a ASN program. I was wondering if anyone would like to be email buddies. It is always nice to talk to... Read More

  1. by   Marynurse
    i'm an "old" RN,too and wish this had been available to me way back when!Take support wherever you can find it and good luck!

  2. by   ratchit
    I am a bit in the middle on this one- have my ADN, starting to pursue my BSN, been out of school for 5 years. Nursing school is like no other program in the world expect maybe boot camp, and people not in nursing school don't/can't understand the problems it causes. I am not a new RN student or the most experienced nurse in the world but I do like to mentor where I can. Feel free to contact me for support/shoulder to cry on/cheerleading, etc.

  3. by   CEN35
    Ditto the last message.

    Rick at CEN35@Excite.com
  4. by   NYMfan
    After 7 long years - there is finally only 239 days until graduation. This is probably going to be the hardest year ever. Anyone needs a mutual shoulder, PLEASE email me... glippman@bugs.cs.wcupa.edu
  5. by   hhmcbay
    Hi. Just started a two year ADN program. Looking for email buddies too.
  6. by   janis
    Finally, a site to help me through the last year of my MSN/FNP program. It is a small program, and I was hoping to build some long term relationships with other nurses seeking advanced education. I have been a nurse for about 20 years, and an RN for about 15. Going back to school is quite a challenge. This computer stuff is well, quite time consuming. all the class seems to be at differnet levels of understanding and computer savvey. I'd like to support others going back to school after such a long hiatus. If you have any advice on how to stay in the swing of things along with an active family and a persistent spouse, please let me know!
  7. by   Samantha
    I am an ADN student who would love and email buddy to share stories, concerns, ect. with. You can email me, or find me on ICQ, my number is on my profile. Would love to chat!
  8. by   steena79
    Hello Everyone,
    It looks as if everyone (nursing majors) feels the same way at one time or another. I would love an e-mail buddy to chat with, many buddies would be even better!!! I am a junior nursing major at St. Anselm in NH. I am in a BSN program and my clinical rotation for this semester is pediatrics and maternity. I am really enjoying myself!! Hope to hear from you soon...
    My e-mail is jaa1216@yahoo.com
  9. by   ltm
    hello everyone,

    i am a nursing student in my third semester of a BSN program. it is just 7 months until graduation and i am so excited. i am doing my clinical rotations in ob, peds, and community this semester. i love ob, it is my niche in life. i would like to have some great email buddies to join me in the countdown to graduation. good luck to everyone in their programs of study, have a great year, and most importantly, do not sweat the small stuff.

  10. by   cynthia L. Green
    Hi guys!

    I'm a new grad (BSN) times two years. The first is definately a doozy. Now I'm writing an article about new grad concerns and fears when they finally graduate and hit reality. I know I was scared to death, but I'de like to get some feedback from new grads accross the nation. Maybe we can decrease everyone's stress with some "real" answers.

    email me at tgreen4@aol.com (-;
  11. by   maikranz
    So how are you all doing!!!!!!!
  12. by   Tracy A. Salkil
    Originally posted by KR:
    Hello to everyone out there!
    I am now on break, but I will be a sophomore first semester in a ASN program. I was wondering if anyone would like to be email buddies. It is always nice to talk to people that are going through the same thing as you are. Serveral people have emailed me in the past, but I lost their addies because my email server went down. Feel free to write me at kdrst13+@pitt.edu. I will answer all letters. Thank you very much. Kimberly Rush

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    Hello, you got me for a nursing buddy also. I am 34 and I have 4 children. Things get a bit scary at times and I would love to have your support and in return offer mine. I have always had a passion for nursing . I am starting so late because of poor choices I made when I was younger. I here now though and very proud to be so. How old are you? Am I the oldest student?
  13. by   lids
    [hi i'm lidia and i also want a buddy, i love nursing i just finished my 1st semester and i will soon start working as a nurse assistant. please keep in touch my e-mail adrees is lk2000@home.com for anyone who reads this and wants to contact me love lids