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  1. Hi,
    My name is Karen. I am a Nurse and have been for 10 yrs. I started out when my kids were small and recieved my ADN. In 1996 I obtained my BSN. I am currently going to go and get my MSN as a Clinical Nurse Specialist/Nurse Educator. I work as a Full-time Labor and Delivery Nurse and Teach Pediatric clinical to Nursing students. My question is are there any Scholarships out there for Nurses returning to school? Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Also if any of you out there need some help getting though Nursing please feel free to E-mail me. You have truely chosen a great and diverse profession.
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  3. by   Iwant2banurse
    Hi Karen,

    Although I am still working on my prereqs, my goal is actually to do what you are doing and getting into nursing education. I know it has been sometime since you posted this topic and I was wondering if you were able to find any information for your masters?