RN Notes for OB?

  1. So, I know that there are the RNotes for Med-Surg, etc, but is there something like it for OB? After the second clinical lab for that class, I'm...feeling like I'm in over my head. It'd be nice to have a quick pocket guide there with me.


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  3. by   jenrninmi
    My RnNotes has OB in it along with med/surg.
  4. by   lunakat
    I have seen this online. Like RN Notes. Don't know know if its any good though...
    There is a description of it on Amazon....
    Maternal-Neonatal Facts Made Incredibly Quick!
    by Karen C. Comerford, Bot Roda
    List Price: $21.95
    32 used & new from $12.00
  5. by   henry-106
    Thanks you guys. I didn't even realize that my RNotes had OB section- I am also in my OB rotation and I have loved every minutes of it, except though it is alot of information to comprehend for clinicals.
    From what I see the info in RNotes can get you through clinicals.
    Good luck, and thanks for pointing that out.