Resume Help!

  1. Hi all,

    I am looking for any help out there re my resume. I am looking for sample resumes, or websites (not web resumes postings svcs) that might help.

    I am a new grad lpn, and this is a second career for me. The majority (except for the past 8mos. p/t in urgent care clinic) of my work history has been in another field.

    How do i tie it all together or transition?

    I am no longer in same state as pgm i graduated from, so it would be difficult to obtain resume assistance.

    Any others who have made the transition and reworked the old resume?

    I feel 100 yrs old looking at all the internet resume sites, etc.
    Wondering if I should just pay someone to write it up for me???
    Thanks in advance for the input.
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