Requesting a nursing study guide

  1. Hello, friends and family!

    I really liked a study guide 101 posted by one of the forum members, but I can no longer find it here!

    I remember the post was detailed and well thought-out. The post contained a table outline of each section for each topic. Also, he/she mentioned about making a downloadable .pdf file as well and I really wished I had this pdf file again.

    And I remember the post included tips for preparing and surviving clinicals as well as part of their student nursing guide.

    Please. If anyone can link me to their posts, I would be so happy and very thankful for your searches!
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  3. by   KrCmommy522
    Was it a PDF or document they attached to a post? Was it a post someone made about surviving clinicals? Or did someone post a reply with the attachment?
  4. by   Durred
    Hello, KrCmommy522.

    I remember the post had study tips on their success in nursing school.

    Also, the post included clinical tips as well and their general guideline on how to prepare and talk to our instructors during conferences.

    Near the end of the post, there was a downloadable .pdf file.
  5. by   KThurmond
    I'd like to see that as well