1. I'm in my first year of nursing school(3rd year of college) for my BSN. I am so relieved to have that 1st semester down with only 3 to go! I never thought I would make it through it, and I feel like I have acomplished tons! I never thought any major could be this hard...I hope the next three semesters are a little easier. The stress about killed me this past one! I'm glad to see that I am not the only one!
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  3. by   Roach
    I hope you got some new stress relief ideas for the new year. Sometimes it gets worse till the end. Of course, once you've gotten over the initial(1st assessment phase) things do start to fall into place. Don't be afraid to go to the nurses in the hospital for help. I have helped many students(with pleasure I might add) with lots of things. There are some of us out there. And remember, there are no dumb questions. Hopitals are open 24hrs so you can call any of the floors to ask questions. It will keep some of the nurses on their toes. Good luck this year. Hope it goes smoothly.