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I'm due to enter the ADN program this fall and am taking Microbiology this summer. I feel like I'm barely making any sense out of what they're talking about. I look at the posts of people doing... Read More

  1. by   dsczephyr
    zacarias - Good Luck on your boards! I am sure you'll do fine. When it's done, why don't you post on the new grad section and let us all know how it went. We're all rooting for you! Denise
  2. by   dosamigos76
    Thanks so much everyone for taking the time to post. I really appreciate it!!! I guess sometimes it is just scary. I have to remember that all I can do is ALL I can do. Thanks for the reassurance that the program will teach what we need to know. I think I create a lot of the pressure by my own expectations...go figure! I think I need to let go of wanting to be the best at what I do, at least keep that in check. It's not that I am competing against other people or would knock anyone down, not at all! But I want to be GOOD-you know what I mean?
    Thank you all so much for speaking from your heart and your head. I appreciate the support and the honesty.
  3. by   geekgolightly

    I think you are gonna LOVE it! You sound so much like me. Nursing school is the first place where I felt "home," where I felt like I was finally where I should be. My whole life improved after I got in and my grades actually improved as well. You are gonna be good.