Ramapo students/graduates!!

  1. Hello!
    I am a senior in high school who has just committed to Ramapo College for my BSN. I'm nervous, excited, anxious, and happy all at the same time! I would really appreciate it if any current students, or graduates from Ramapo could tell me any information of what to expect when I get there. Any tips on the campus, food, where to dorm freshman year, how the first two years of gen ed classes are, how the actual nursing courses are once they start, ect. I would also really like to hear any pro/cons about the two clinical sites, Englewood Hospital and Valley Hospital. I know I will have some say and choice in which site I do my clinicals in, so any insight anyone has would be great!! =)

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    Hi Amanda I see no one replied to any of your posts but I hope you are still using allnurses. I actually have a question for you so please inbox me whenever you check your messages. Thanks
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    Hello Hair303,
    I tried to go to your page and messgae you but since I have less than 15 threads I am not permitted to access the private messaging yet so I hope it is okay if I reply here. How can I help you?