Questions on bacterial pneumonia?? Top 5 assessments??

  1. I need to know the top 5 assessments with rationale for a patient with bacterial pneumonia?

    Here is the exact question...

    I do not have any other info other than the patient has bacterial pneumonia

    Thanks for your help!


    10. Prioritize five assessments you believe would be most important for this patient. State your rationale and prioritize them.
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  3. by   cursedandblessed
    Physical findings:
    sputum production
    dullness over area
    crackles, wheezing, bronchi
    decreased breath sounds
    accessory muscle use

    of smoking?? (that's mine)
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    I googled 'assessments for pnuemonia' and this came up. Funny thing is, the question I'm trying to answer is the exact same as your's and I have a Sim Lab tomorrow. I'm wondering if we are from the same school...