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  1. Does anyone have any idea on how to pass the Nursing Judgement section when you have no idea of what they want as an answer? The first time I took it I received a 22% and the second time(I was trying to score over a 25%) I received a 15%. I sent my response in anyhow. And I am hoping they overlook the fact that I am only 3 points away from the required percentage.I am hoping and crossing all my fingers and toes. I do have the pre-req's they require out of the way, though.
    I am tired of the waiting already. And I only sent my response back in the mail Monday. I guess they are suppossed to let us know something by the end of the month. ARRGGHH!!!
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  3. by   maire
    I wish I had something constructive to say about the test, but since I didn't take that one I'm afraid I don't.

    However, good luck to you, and let us know how you did!
  4. by   teeituptom
    Just study and prayalot