1. Why don't nurses wear their caps anymore? Do any of your still wear yours?
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  3. by   snickers
    We stopped wearing caps many years was a discriminatory issue.....
    When nurses who were male started to enter nursing..they didn't have to wear caps, hence why should female?
    Basically a gender issue,

    sj (A canadian nurse).
  4. by   lovesuede
    I wore a hat nine years ago when I was doing a pre-nursing course, they were phased out just after that here. I understood that it was because they served no hygiene reasons (as they were thought to in the past) and grades of nurses could be differentiated through their uniforms - though I am sure that the male nurse issue came into it too.

  5. by   JennyM

    I was just reading through, when you jogged my memory about a conversation I had with a care assistant whom had been in the job for over 20 years. Anyway, to the point, She thought that nurses lost a great deal of respect from patients and relatives when they lost the hat. (I wonder how true that could be)

  6. by   NurseRachet
    I never wore my cap after graduation. I went to work in the operating room, so therefore, no cap. I seen a few of the older nurses wearing caps, but I could count them on one hand. They get in the way, and the clips hurt my scalp.
  7. by   MargieM
    Acouple of years ago I worked in a nursing home as an aide and the nurses were required to wear a nurses cap. I thought they looked professional but they just are not practial