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  1. I am a BSN student in British Columbia and I am very interested in working in public health once I graduate. I know this may take some time to achieve, but I want to start preparing myself now. I would love any & all advice regarding how to best set myself up for a job in the public health field. What extra courses should I take? Should I search for a particular summer job? Any advice in general?

    Thank you so much!
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  3. by   RegularNurse
    I would take some undergrad courses in epidemiology to see if public health is what you think it is. In the US, public health nurses, beyond the entry level, have MS and PhDs in epidemiology and at least an MPH. Public health is largely an academic discipline focused on research. You have good opportunities as a nurse in this context, but make sure you have the academic footing to succeed here. Also, I would take a statistics course.