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  1. hi everyone...this is my 2nd semester. last semester I made the deans list and this semester i am doing awful! the semester is broken down into 2 sections...the first 7 weeks is psych nursing and the next is OB....i am in psych and it is throwing me. I love my clinical rotation. I do work with MR and TBI patients as an LPN and I know my psych patients in my clinical are different from what i work with,but i still love it.
    its the class. i cant get into studying. i have alot going on. my daughter and her 3 yr old son just moved in so she could go to school for psychology...she is renting her house out and staying with us so she can afford school and to live. i think this is a huge distraction this semester. last semester i would study at my kitchen table for hours. now i am lucky if i get to at all. i am trying to stay at school and go to the library before coming home to get inalot of studying,because when i do get home the house as a 3 yr old and you all know how that is.....
    any helpful hints for the content as is interesting,but i score low on test....just got a 75 on an exam...i am use to 80s and 90s....
    thanks all
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  3. by   mjo07
    I have a two-year old, bedtime is at 8:00-8:15pm no later! I study after bedtime, and I also try to stay at school as long as possible before returning to mommy/wife duties. It's hard, try to make a schedule it really helps.