Psych & 3 Weeks to Graduation

  1. 3 weeks to graduation and I am stressing HUGELY. 2 weeks ago we had three exams within 8 days. A Psych, Pharmacology and Adult Client III.

    I was holding an 86 in Psych and bombed my Psych exam so badly I am now holding a 75.33.

    I am holding a high B in Adult Client.

    With one final exam remaining in each class, I am about the hit the end and fearful that I am not going to graduate Psych. I am trying to refocus, and on MOnday will be able to review my exam to find out what exactly happened to me, and where I went wrong. Our final exams are 60% recent material and 40% previous material. 100 questions total.

    Would appreciate any wisdom/words of advice/thoughts that anyone has to share.

    This has been the absolute hardest semester, and I as noted I am fearful that I am not going to be able to retain the 75 that I have to have to pass Psych.

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