Please pray for me today!!

  1. Hi!

    It's February 24th and I'm about to take my first nursing test of my last semester and I feel as if I dont have a hold of the material as I usually do. Can you guys pleaseeeeeeeeee just all say a quick prayer for me and my study partner?! Last time I had you guys pray for me I got a 91!!! Please don't forget! Those prayers are powerful! Thank you soooooo much my friends!

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  3. by   atenpen
    Psych test today. What is your's on?
  4. by   renerian
    Good luck Nicole.

  5. by   RN always
    I prayed for you! You'll do great!
  6. by   chrisjoy
    i need a pray i failed the nclex for the 2nd time and i now in my heart this is my calling . but for some reason i have a hard time taking tests. i have a good job who will accommodate me but twice i failed . what am i do. my freind pass the second time around and we took the exam together did kaplan and where did i go wrong . need hope again
  7. by   GingerSue
    good luck for you
    hoping for you