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  1. I've been qualified for a year now and have just completed my first role as a mentor. As a result I've realised that we had very little information at hand specifically designed for students. I've take on the task of preparing a student handout for the ward (a forensic learning disability service for those who challenge, have mental health issues and offended). Calling all Students - what would you like to see in such a pack. Is it important that mentors know what competencies you have to achieve? Would you prefer a structured learning programme or opportunities to be left to your own devices? What makes a good placement area? Any comments would be greatly appreciated. thanks Anna.
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  3. by   ckt
    I'll be graduating in May. First and foremost, I would like to see a personalized mentorship program. I would appreciate a mentor who would elicit the information necessary to establish a personalized orientation plan. I would expect to convey self-identified strengths and weakness to my mentor & expect my mentor to also see potential areas for growth in me.