Pinning invitations?

  1. Did you send out invitations to your pinning ceremony? I thought I might make a few at home to send to a select few. I priced some invitations online and WOW they were expensive!!

    If you make some, what did you say on them? I am just drawing a blank. I thought I would use some cute nurse embellishments I found at the scrapbook store to make them nursing oriented, just not sure how to work them????
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  3. by   GeminiTwinRN
    hmm. hadn't thought of invitations I guess.

    do you have some examples of graduation invitations that would be appropriate if we change a few of the words around?

    I'll do a little re-con, and you too. Maybe we can come up with something!

    <------ pinning ceremony Dec. 16th, 2006!!!!!!!!!
  4. by   BSNtobe2009
    Go to

    They do all types of invitations, they are extremely inexpensive for custom, and they ship in about a week. Best deal I have found on the internet.
  5. by   SNLiz
    Our school is making them up for us. They just asked us the other day how many people we are having to pining and how many invites we need! 44 DAYS YAHOOOO!!!!!