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  1. I am in the last semester of my BSN. I have my ADN already. I, like nearly everyone in my class, have gone staight through school towards a BSN. We went through pinning two years ago, and it was a very moving experience. It made us think about why we had gotten into the profession and why we were going on with our education.

    Now, this year, the school has decided that not enough of the graduates go through the university commencement, so they are not having pinnning in an effort to boost commencement attendance. This infuriates my class. We have all been looking forward to pinning for a long time. It was our last good bye and pat on the back to one another and no we are in the middle of a struggle to get it back.

    Any suggestions on how we should handle ourselves in our meeting with the department chair?

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  3. by   Rileycat
    I completely understand your anger and frustration...

    My school was not going to have a pinning ceremony. The class got together and wrote a petition and the entire graduating class signed it. The issue of pinning came up for its official vote amongst the board and the vote was in favor (by one vote) for the ceremony.

    Our circumstances as to why the administrators didn't want a pinning ceremony are different than yours, but maybe the petition will help you. At least it will allow your voices to be heard. Good luck to you and your class!
  4. by   wsiab
    First off, that stinks.

    When talking to the department chair, clearly outline your reasons for wanting to keep the ceremony and offer some possible alternatives to boost commencement attendance.

    The nursing program I graduated from was an intercollegiate program, we attended a four year college for general ed and a nursing college for nursing classes. Our pinning ceremony and commencement ceremony are 6 months apart, the events at the two campuses do not conflict with eachother and have seperate meaning. Pinning is in december and commencement is in may.

    Ask around and find out if attendance at the commencement ceremony is/will be low among Nursing Students, and why. Present reasons why to the chair and offer solutions that may address these reasons more directly (ie. presenting major-related awards at commencement). Also consider whether the attendence issue is limitted to nursing.

    Present a united front; BSN, ADN-BSN, MSN students, and enlist students from other majors as well.
  5. by   ShannonB25
    Polly, I agree with the others who have posted here. At my school of nursing, the pinning ceremony is a very big deal- practically bigger than graduation itself! At the beginning of our senior year we form committees that are devoted to different activities (curriculum committee, welfare committee, etc) and there was a pinning ceremony committee allocated as well. One senior is the head of the committee to sort of oversee the way things are progressing, and then about 6-7 junior nursing students are on the committee as well. The committee members do things like go around to community members and stores to gather donations in the form of money or supplies for the pinning ceremony. One of the flower stores in town provides a couple of nice big floral arrangements for the reception. I think the cakes are even donated. In the program the participating sponsors are listed so it's a nice little plug for them and spotlights their community support for the nursing school. It has worked really well. I attended the pinning ceremony last year for the graduating seniors and it was such a moving event that I would hate to have you guys miss it. I agree that a joined front would be the best way to go- writing a professional petition that is signed by interested members and then going to the dean at your school and on up the chain. I wish you guys the best with your endeavors and please keep us posted. I hope everything works out!!

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  6. by   ratchit
    My program had a similar problem. It was a small CAtholic program- 90% nursing, a few radiology and dietician grads too. About 150 grads total. The school combined pinning with graduation. The ceremony was in a cathedral- we went to one side of the altar to get pinned, then the other for our diploma. I remember being pinned- then I was too happy to shake the hand of the dean giving me the diploma. But almost everyone showed up.
  7. by   hollykate
    I also went to a BSN program. It was from a fairly large university- but we had the large graduation and an individual ceremony for the school of nursing (other depts also had small private ceremonies, physics had say 5 grads!). they pinned us there and also gave out diplomas etc. I didn't go to the big ceremony- held at the coliseum, but the small one was fun. Perhaps you can try that.
  8. by   seven
    ...what on earth is this "pining"??
  9. by   wsiab
    Pinning is a ceremony traditionally performed with graduation from nursing school. Students are pinned with a school/program pin by their faculty members in recognition of their completion of training and their comittment to nursing.

  10. by   seven
    ...hmmm, all i will get when i complete my degree is a lousy piece of paper that i have to pay for...i feel cheated, lol