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wondering if everyone could share what percentage the school they attend is considered a "C". also, is that a 2 year college or 4 year college ?... Read More

  1. by   tnrose
    85% is a C at our school, I hate my school! LOL
  2. by   ImMrBill3, RN
    93-100 A
    85-92.99 B
    77-84.99 C
    4 Year University BSN
    Must pass ATI for each class
  3. by   prudence09
    2 year college. Anything below a 80 is failing. 80 is the cut off
  4. by   libnat
    74% but some classes set a different scale.
  5. by   madnurse2b
    I'm in an community college - 75% or above is C, 83% to 92% is B and 93% to 100% is A. Not that I'm bitter or anything...this is probably second semester in a row I have to get something ridiculous on final to get an A. Possible but not likely. Oh, and you must pass all tests with 75% or above - no bumping it with extra credit or papers or anything.
  6. by   9livesRN
    76 C
    80 B
    90 A
  7. by   buttercup99
    You guys are going to hate me:
    In Australia, you need to do a 3 year degree at uni to become an RN. The grades are as follows for the whole university:
    High Distinction 85-100%
    Distinction 75-85%
    Credit 65-74%
    Pass 1 55-64%
    Pass 2 50-54%
    Fail 1 40-49%
    Fail 2 Below 40%

    You have to get over 50% for the whole subject to pass (I told you that you would hate me!) For example, once I made the mistake of doing a subject externally and had bad study skills so I handed up an assignment half finished and got a Fail. I then brought my final mark up to a Credit because I got a HD on the final exam. The exam was worth about 50% of my mark.

    Usually it is classed as a decent mark to get a Credit. To get into your honours year or any overseas trips etc, you need a Credit average overall. A distinction is reserved for the smart people and a HD is like WOOHOO! The average students will get P1s and P2s with the a couple of Credits thrown in.

    I usually get Cs and Ds and a couple of HDs, the other day i got a P2 for the first time (I only have 3 more subjects until I graduate!) I was like, what!? but I found out that many other students got a P2 too so i relaxed a bit after that. I decided if I get a low mark on my next assignment (worth 45% of the mark), i will ask for a remark, but the other essay was only worth 15%.

    When you go to get a job, the employers look at your placement reports so really, your marks don't hold you back too much if you get good reports from the clinical facilitator and RNs you work with.

    If they removed people from the program for getting below 75%, I don't think there would be more than about 3 people who got their degree in each intake. Maybe your assessment is structured differently.
  8. by   k_r_ah
    community college
    78=c anything less =f
    not sure about b

    must score ati level 2
  9. by   tonyal
    community college
    our clinicals are pass/fail so they dont count towards our grades. it is tests only.
  10. by   RossayRN
    75-82 C
    83-89 B
    90-100 A

    BSN program
  11. by   pooptacular
    78= C

    until final semester, then you must have an 80 to pass.

    i know our program is stiff, but when i saw the 85...dude!

    oh, we have to pass ati's too. i dunno what level we need...i've always done okay on them. *shrug*
  12. by   Lin88
    77% is the cut off. If you get a D in our school you are out.
  13. by   MermiesGreatGig
    78% for a C...2-year ADN "freakin hard" program!