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  1. Hi all, I am new to the boards and I start school in September. Only if I can get through the math...I am so bummed out..I took PBS testing to get into Nursing school and I failed the math part..I did very well though on all the other parts of the testing...Does anyone now where to get some info to brush up on the math part...I am a getting nervous because they only give you 3 chances and then your out of luck...I have been dreaming of going to LPN school for ever and I hope it don't end because I am terrible at math! Any suggestion would be great. Thanks.
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  3. by   hollykate
    Have you talked to the school where you are going to go about getting a tutor? SOmetimes there are science students who can prepare you for the test and beyond for a pretty low rate. They can work with you individually and customize the teaching to what you need to know. Math was a weak point for me also- and I had a tutor all through Algebra. Good Luck.