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  1. I was curious about what the pay scale is out there for new grads. I currently live in IL, but I am thinking of relocating within two years of graduation. Other than this forum, is there a web-site that one can find the pay rates of nurses? I know there is a site like that for teachers, but I didn't know if one existed for nurses. Any help would be appreciated.
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  3. by   hollykate
    You can look at different human resources web sites for different hospital to get an idea of pay scales. As a new grad- you will be paid base salary- the lowest one you see. As far as I know, there are very few exceptions to this. I cam in as a new grad WITH ACLS andsome other non-new grad qualifications, and I still got base pay for 6 months. Within one year though, you are no longer a new grad and will qualify for all sorts of goodies (big sign on bonuses, etc). Just be sure to look at the whole package. Salary can be lower is the benefits are good. Where I work we get good insurane and all, but we also get cheap theatre tickets, free admission to lots of sports events and occasional concert tickets (reduces my entertainment bill a lot.) Look at the whole package- and also look at the environment you are going to: as a new grad, you will need lots of support- so make sure its a place you can live with. Good Luck!
  4. by   Natalie25
    I live in Lacrosse Wisconsin. Here wages are much lower than in bigger cities. the average is a little over 15 dollars an hour. At the mayo clinic in Rochester Minnesota new grads can make 18.50 an hour. They have job postings on the internet if you look under employment opportunities.
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    Rileycat, try You can look up salary information specific to which city/zipcode you are interested in. It's a pretty cool site. Good luck!

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