patietn controlled analgesia

  1. to review the steps and touchswitches for vial changes:
    is this correct:
    1) check the new vial for cracks
    2) when asked if "purging?" - answer NO
    3) when asked "loading dose?" - answer NO
    4) when asked about "mode?" - answer YES

    [these instructions are different from some others that say to
    1) SILENCE
    2) prepare the new syringe
    3) clamp the PCA tubing
    4) press RESET and unlock the door (the RESET button is inside the locked security door)
    5) remove the syringe
    6) remove air from the new syringe
    7) attach new syringe
    8) insert the new syringe
    9) when asked "purge the system?" - answer NO
    10) when asked "retain concentration?" - answer YES
    11) lock
    12) unclamp the tubing

    Did I omit some steps/buttons?
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