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  1. Is anyone in an online program? Our nursing school offers a traditional program as well as one online (except for labs and clinicals, of course). The online option seems like a good one for my situation but I wanted to see if anyone here has experience--both good and bad for me to think about as I decide which way to go...


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  3. by   ladyinred667
    I am taking my nursing lecture online as well as pharmacology. My schedule doesn't allow me to take those classes on campus. I would say that I'm on par with the students that do though.

    Now that we are almost done with first semester, there are students that decided they can't be online and switched to on campus, and those that feel they will be less stressed by taking classes at home.

    Just know that if you do it online, you need to be on top of things. There is no instructor riding you to get stuff done, and you often have weeks between tests where it is on YOU to make sure you are getting the reading done. Procrastination bit me in the ass on one test, but I won't let it happen again!