one pt+onept=2pt

  1. hi this quarter we have 2 patients instead of one. I know this is not a all close to a normal pt load after we graduate. Does anyone have any tips for managing more than one pt? Thanks Janice[/LIST]
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  3. by   Yalonda1
    Hi Janleb, My advice would be to pace yourself and TAKE YOUR TIME when it comes down to caring for more than one pt. With each pt, I just evaluate the highest priorities with them and then I pace myself to treat each pt individually and safely. Hope this helps you.
  4. by   mustangsheba
    janleb: 1. List medications and times. 2. Read MD orders for the past two days and make sure everything is noted and follow up if there are any questions about whether everything has been done. (I frequently pick up things that have been overlooked this way.) 3. Ask your patient about what has been happening with their care. Ask them how they feel compared to when they were admitted - better, worse, same - compare to objective findings. This is a good time to hone your pain managment assessments if it's appropriate for your patients. As Yalonda says, this is the time to learn to prioritize. Sometimes two patients can keep you quite busy. I had two vent patients one evening and ran my butt off. Keep in touch.
  5. by   CEN35
    Mustang said it best, isten to her!!!!

  6. by   janleb
    Thank you for the advice, whenever I have needed some this has been the best place to get it. I always look at doc orders for that day, but that is a real good idea to look further back. Ask the pt about care they have received real real good idea. they would best know!! I am always looking for ways to make the most of my time. Again thank you so mucH
  7. by   mustangsheba
    You are going to do so fine!!! Remember to have fun with your patients!!!