ok maybe i am brain dead i need math help

  1. I am in basic math as one of my pre-reqs and i am flying right along well we have a problem and when i look at it i draw a blank!!!!! Here it is:

    Samantha read 2/3 of the Sunday paper which contained 264 pages.How many pages remain to be read?

    I tried to divide 264 by 2/3 and end up with more pages than in the whole paper!!!!! ARRRGGHH.SOMEONE OUT THERE PLEASE CLUE ME IN.
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  3. by   EmeraldNYL
    She already read 2/3 of the paper.... so, you would multiply 264 * (1/3), which is 88 pages left to read.

    Or, another way to do this is to just divide 264/3.
  4. by   onlyaPre-nurse
    thanks Nikki i have no idea why i couldnt get that.

    thanks agian Jen