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  1. I need to turn in a list of about 30 drug cards before I begin OB rotation in 2 wks. I'm having a problem finding info on Epifoam and Dermoplast. They are not in my drug guide or preprinted drug cards, and I have been unable to find usable info on the web (contraindications, adverse effects, nursing implications, pt.teaching, etc.). Does any one know where I can find them? Thanks in advance!!
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  3. by   Chaundra
    I found epifoam in the Davis drug guide, it is a combination of 1%hydrocortisone and 1% pramoxine but that's all it says. Maybe try cards on both these drugs. I couldn't find the other for you. - Hope this helps
  4. by   hollykate
    If you are still having problems, you coudl stop by the hospital's pharmacy and ask for the flyer that comes in the packaged drug. Usually the pharmacy will give it to you- and suddenly you will have the most detailed drug card on dermoplast... enjoy.
  5. by   Iwant2banurse
    Hi Aerialflyer,

    I looked in my drug book and saw that Dermoplast (brand name), benzocaine (generic). It is a local anesthetic that comes in a variety of dosage forms.

  6. by   angelaADSN
    I found Dermoplast in my pharmacology book. The generic name is benzocaine and the trade names Americaine and dermoplast. They are effective when applied to the skin. The main potential toxicity of local anesthetics applied to the skin is allergy, usually contact dermatitis.Widely used. Included in many nonprescrition preparations to relieve sunburn, itching, and mild burns. Long acting and poorly absorbed. Nursing implications: Obtain a careful history of previous response to local anesthetics. Monitor the BP and P. Tell the cl to report any rash or skin irritation occurring. Instruct the cl to dry the area with a swab where the medication is to be applied, apply gel to a second swab, then roll gel over the specified area. Instrct the cl to try to keep mouth open and dry for 30 to 60 sec after applying gel. The gel will form a film that should not be removed; it will slowly disappear over several hours.
    That is all I found on it in the pharmacology book by Clark, Queener, Karb. It's not the best by them! lol Those drugs are not listed in my Davis drug guide. I would go to any pharmacy or hospital and they can give you a copy of it. Good luck! www.geocities.com/ajax_clean/StudentNurse.html
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    Thank "ya'll" for the info. It was very helpful! Isn't it great to have a place where you get help and find support from people you have never laid eyes on? I hope I am able to return the favor.