Nursing Student Survey for a Design Project

  1. These questions are going to be used into developing a wearable tool/supply carrier specifically for the needs of nursing students

    What do you currently use to carry your tools/supplies?

    In what ways does it work well?

    In what ways does it fall short?

    Have you tried other forms of carriers/containers for your tools and supplies? If so, what are they?

    In what ways did those work well?

    In what ways did those fall short?

    When choosing a carrier/container, what features do you look for?

    Are there any additional features you would like to have incorporated?
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  3. by   moongirl
    works ok
    carry pen, small sharpie, alcohol preps, scissors hemostats, small roll of tape.
    not allowed to carry "containers" around on the floor
    containers would not work in isolation rooms, and that would be one more thing I would have to think about remembering from room to room.