nursing student needs help with critical care rotation

  1. Hi, I'm a nursing student about to enter my last 2 rotations before graduation. Critical Care starts in less than one week and I am in need of someone to help me understand and interpret ABG's and ECG's. Anyone with helpful information please email me at Thanks, Andrea

    Andrea D. Kelley
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  3. by   KR
    Hi there
    I don't really know what to tell you about the ABG's. Those are pretty hard to learn but I just kind of memorized the flow chart on figuring them out. But as far as EKG's go, have you thought about taking a basic arrythmia class? Most hospitals offer them, and it seems like it would help a lot. I know that it has helped other people a lot. I am trying to take one over the summer but so far, all the hospitals are full. Take care and best of luck to you!!!
  4. by   MollyJ
    Hi Andrea,
    Be reassured that ABG's are a worry to many and I believe that even many MD's do not fully understand the info they receive in ABG's. I sometimes go to and they have a student nurse BB, too. An RT was advising folks that he could teach you "all about" ABG's, too, so you might try that out. I have a feeling he will give you more respiratory than metabolic info, but RTs are a good resource, so give him a try.
    I don't have any great resources for ABG's though.
    Now ECG's; there are so many great resources out there that I would just encourage you to go out there and find one. A classic that I think is still in print is called "intensive coronary care" by Meltzer, Pinneo & kitchell. My edition of this one is so old, that Verampamil isn't even mentioned (calcium channel blockers weren't yet invented), but it is a very basic text and doesn't overwhelm you and I think later editions of the text retained that quality. Just remember, arrythmia interpretation occurs in the context of a patient situation. Or as an old doc I knew once said, "when in doubt, treat the patient."
    Good luck.
  5. by   CEN35
    any questions ask away. I will email you.