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  1. I am a nursing student going for my ADN. After I complete this program I want to continue on for my BSN and MSN, but I'm thinking about Midwifey. Does anyone have any advice on this and what are the best colleges for Midwifey?
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  3. by   RN-BamaStudent
    Wow, I can't think past this week! Good for you! School just has me so busy!!! Come on December!!!! What's taking you so long?!
  4. by   aw930
    I posted this on another thread but also thought it would apply to you....
    If you are looking for a good support system during nursing school, to help with tough decisions, mentoring programs, networking to establish professional contacts in a specialty field e.g. midwifery, definitely join your school student nurses association (SNA) and also the state student nurses association, MaSNA. I am a member of both and have found them extremely valuable (especially MaSNA - tons of resources) to get information, talk to other students, develop relationships and mentorships and just generally to get involved in the profession. Just thought I would pass it along. The MaSNA website is

    good luck!